Saturday, December 18, 2004

Aint nothin' better...

I'm a hillbilly from the hills of Southeastern Kentucky -- a land where the ol' family tree 'never forks' if yaknowwhatimean! And, I'm proud of my heritage as an Appalachian Hillbilly Rednecky kind of guy at the core...

Hillbillies have a way of caputuring the essence of what's going on with classic phrases like, 'Aint nothin' better.' Now, if you're truly a Hillbilly then you'd pronounce 'aint' like 'Haint' with emphasis on the 'h'.

I just wanted to report that there 'aint nothin better' than being a daddy of 3 great kids. They are all at different places because we have a 15 year old, a 7 year old and a 2 year old! But, it is rich with wonder and joy and amusements and filled with 'God-moments' where He dances among us in this land called family.

No question that at times I blow it badly with my kids and yet they offer me grace to rise from the ashes of my impatience and try again. I'm a much better daddy today than I was when I started the 'Daddy Journey' and my oldest sees the difference between her journey with me as a child and her younger brothers' time with me and it's a bit flustering to her. I just remind her that I don't have be as stupid as I used to be forever and that I'm changing as we move down the road together.

Many of you reading this are parents and you know that it is amazingly magnificent and awe-inspiring to hold a newborn and to live with children. Simply put, 'aint nothin' better.'

My hope for you as a Rising Leader and a parent (or maybe a 'would like to be parent') is that you will bridle your ambitions for gold and silver and status and position and focus your greatest energies and time and talent and treasure on these children of God who live with you for just a little while. You'll have time to pursue all that other stuff someday, but for now why don't you go grab one of em and hold em close and remind them that you're glad that God sent them to be your child.

Aint nothin better,
Jeff Fuson

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