Monday, November 15, 2004

DOING Your Life Mission

Life Mission?
What is it that I am uniquely designed to do? Why has God given me this eclectic set of experiences, contacts, passions, energies, family matrix, motivations and vision? What is His highest purpose for this life of mine. What great adventure is He inviting me to? Where are we heading? Who are my traveling buddies? What’s our ultimate objective?

I love the metaphor of ‘journey’ as a metaphor for life and I think a for a lot of us that’s a resonant metaphor—one that rings true. The wildly popular movie trilogy, Lord of the Rings, based on J.R.R. Tolkien’s books seems to certify this notion. It’s not hard for us to identify with the band of travelers and unlikely heroes and the challenges they face.

Life sometimes brings us to a place where there is a mission thrust upon us that we would not choose and there are circumstances and people that we would not normally associate with and we are on a journey to places that we would rather not go. I know that sounds very un-pma-ish (pma is ‘postitive mental attitude’) yet I believe there are times in many people’s lives when they are given a ‘ring’ to carry into dark country that they would rather relinquish to someone else, yet it is their unique journey and is unavoidable.

What we are not fully in charge of is what ring will be given to us and what journey we must take to deal with it. What we are fully in charge of is our response to what we’ve been given. We can choose to pout and shout and do without or we can embrace the journey and take joy in our traveling companions and invest ourselves fully in accomplishing the task at hand. We can choose to travel with faith and joy and certainty that God will make a way when there doesn’t seem to be one and that He will bring us to a place one day that makes sense of the journey we are on. We can choose traveling companions who encourage us and build us up to carry the ring we must. And, we can join others in their journeys as encouragers and protectors and fellow travelers.

So, I’m always hammering on my life mission statement and I bet you are, too.

What I’m wondering about today is not what’s written on paper or saved in a computer file, rather I’m wondering about ‘reading my life’ to this point and seeing what God is trying to say. I’m wondering about paying attention to the unique constellations of gifts, passions, relationships, and energy that God has assembled in my life. And, then, as I ‘read my life’ I believe I’ll come to a much deeper understanding of what my journey is really all about – I’ll uncover my mission as I read my life.

I’d love to talk with you about ‘reading your life’ and ask the questions of you that will help you uncover your mission statement. If you want to explore this idea some more, just post a comment with your email address and I'll get in touch with you to begin the discussion.

Maybe, just maybe, you’re already living your mission statement and you don’t even know it…

Enjoy the journey,

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