Sunday, November 28, 2004

Dying playing little games...

If you're a Rising Leader then you have a raging fire inside
to make a difference and to be used by God to advance HIS
Kingdom here and now.

Because you want to make a difference your heart will likely
beat faster when you read these words of a missionary who
was part of the China Inland Mission upon his forced departure
when Communism came to power in China.

Tonight Shanghai is burning
And I am dying, too.
But there's no death more certain
than death inside of you.
Some men die of shrapnel
While others go down in flames.
But most men die inch by inch
While playing little games.

The last thing a leader wants is to caught 'playing little games'.

I'm developing a great resource about 'Great Questions that help
us build more meaningful lives'. I'd love to hear and make available
the questions that you ask yourself to be sure that you're not just
'playing little games.'

If you have cool questions or ideas that may help other leaders please
post them in the comments block below or drop an email to me.
I'll take your submission to be permission to use what you've given.
If you'll also send a 'by' line and any contact info you desire then
I'll include that as well.

Have a great day,
Jeff Fuson

p.s. If you are a 'rising leader' who's excited about advancing the Kingdom of God, then you'll want to grab some great FREE resources over at


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