Monday, November 29, 2004

God on the move...Paul and Silas Flipping the World Over On its Back-Side

The Bible is a really cool book and I’ve been
taking a look at the journey of Paul and Silas
as they talked about a guy named Jesus and
the advance of His Kingdom nearly 2,000
years ago. They were wave-makers and
world-troublers and peace makers and God
bringers all at the same time.
The good news
of Jesus and the advance of the Kingdom of
God was good news to many and ‘less than
good news’ to others.

The advance of the Kingdom of God conflicted
with those who had already established their
own little kingdoms with a strong set of privileges
and accolades and honors. The advance of this
King and His emerging Kingdom ‘turned the
world upside down’ in more than one place.

Here’s how Paul and Silas’ were described by
those who wanted them to leave the city of
Thessalonica in Greece…’Paul and Silas have
turned the rest of the world upside down and
now they here disturbing our city.’ (Acts 17:6
New Living Translation) That’s what happens
when God’s Kingdom shows up where we don’t
want it to – it disturbs us. It messes with our
kingdoms and it forces our true allegiance out
of the closet and into the game. It is unsettling
to deal with a King who would die for the subjects
of His Kingdom and call others to follow Him
with abandon.

Rising Leader Alliance is an emerging online
‘gathering’ of rising leaders like Paul and Silas

who are okay with turning the world upside
down when necessary. It is not a gathering
for the timid or the weak of will or faint of heart.
It is a gathering of those who will to make a
difference by seeing the God’s great Kingdom
be brought to life here and now.

So, if this strikes a cord with you, then Rising Leader
Alliance may be for you. Drop me an email if you
wanna learn more, or head over to Rising Leader Alliance

and see if it's right for you.


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