Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Clean Sweep America!

I’m grateful to live in a country that is ‘of the people, by the people, and for the people’ rather than in a totalitarian or socialistic environment that is above the people.

I’m watching with a bit of concern as we wrestle with the idea of terrorism on our home-turf. So, now my hope is that we can strike an intelligent balance between granting the government powers that they must have without giving away freedoms and rights that will be virtually impossible to ever regain. If you’ll recall our country was established by people moving here from the ‘all powerful’ England and it took a bloody, hard fought revolution to break that government’s grip.

Big Brother may be getting a lot bigger and I don’t like that at all. In the long run I’d rather take my chances with some terrorists wielding knives on an airplane (I know the threat is much different now and more daunting than ever, but I’ll get to that in a minute, so just keep reading!) than try to fight an out of control virtually ‘all-powerful’ government 20 or 30 years from now. The evolution toward an all powerful, all knowing, all in control government is not a good thing for any of us. A government with unlimited power to presume guilt until proven innocent and to search and seize and tap and listen and monitor from satellites and on phone lines and in chat-rooms is a government that is too powerful for the good of the people.

There’s word now that terrorists are perhaps hoping to, or may have already, smuggle biological and nuclear weapons across our southern border with Mexico. That’s a far cry from hijackers on an airplane and requires a coordinated, muscular effort by our government and our people. It will require us all to give a little for some time to get this all cleaned up. Perhaps we have to put up with more government intrusion into the normally private realm for a limited time in order to deal with this pending threat. I still don’t like it and I’m very concerned that freedoms once given away may be nearly impossible to regain without a violent struggle of some sort. So, I have a middle ground proposal in mind.

I’d propose a 36 month ‘clean sweep’ of America where we grant the powers that our government needs to monitor what’s happening – more control and more power than we’re used to – in order to seek out terrorists and threats and eliminate them. Deport them, put them on trial, put them in prison, and even put capital punishment in place if that is how justice is best served. Let’s shut down the borders of the U.S. and let’s strengthen our immigration policies. Let’s provide clear strong guidelines for immigrants that give our government the power it needs to be sure that people are here for peaceful, legitimate purposes. For those who are, Welcome to America! For those who have evil intent or malicious activities brewing let’s be as aggressive in dealing with them as is allowed by law and common sense and let’s make America as safe as she can be.

Yes to strong borders and muscular immigration policies, laws and deportation from here to forever.

No to unlimited ‘peeping tom’ practices by a virtually all powerful government – only for 36 months to accomplish the ‘clean sweep’ and after that only when absolutely necessary as outlined below.

After 36 months let’s reel the government back in and allow her to exercise those sorts of ‘peeping tom’ practices only when called for by the President and voted on by the Congress. And, then only for a limited time. And, only for ‘just cause’ to be defined by the present Administration and Congress given what we do know about Terrorist tactics and operations globally in 2004. This ‘just cause’ idea must be built so that it can endure the tests of rapidly evolving technologies and strategies. What I mean, is that it must be written so that it serves much like our Constitution has as an enduring document that can stand the changes that time brings.

So, here's my proposal for America.

  • A 36-month ‘Clean Sweep’ of America where those of us of Good Will agree to work hard at eliminating illegal immigration by requiring proper documentation from people whom we hire.
  • Where we agree to more intrusion from our Government than we would like for 36 months in order to seek out and eliminate Terrorists and their activities from this soil.
  • Where we all recognize that while this is a free country it is not ‘fair game’ for those who would disrupt the freedoms of life and liberty, so we will be tough on those who are here with malice toward our people and our hard-won freedom. More specifically, we will understand that just because a person manages to sneak across our borders that does not grant them all the rights and privileges that we enjoy as legimate United States Citizens. They don't get to hold jobs and vote and take advantage of our government funded support services or plot evil and hide behind freedoms designated for legimate citizens. They must be deported NOW. We must shut this down or we must endure an all powerful government that may eventually erase freedom as we know it from this land.

After the ‘clean sweep’ let’s put a big fence AND a strong leash on the Big Brother Government Dog. And, let’s only let her out of that cage and off that leash when we absolutely have to.

That' the way I see it.


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