Monday, November 29, 2004

Open er up, baby! On being a 'Full-Throttle' Person

I love to hang out with 'full throttle' people! You
know who I'm talking about...the crazies. The ones
who are maniacal and zesty and full of good ol
fashioned guts. Full -throttle people take a stand
and tellit like they see it. Full-throttle people live
'on purpose' and they're determined to carve their
'initials' into the biggest tree they can find for future
generations to see! They're likely to be problem
solvers and solution bringers with the spirit that
I've seen in Rising Leaders from Poland to Brazil to
the U.S.

John Powell in his best seller 'Fully Human
Fully Alive, says:
"Fully alive people are those who are using

all of their human faculties, powers, and
talents. They are using them to the full.
These individuals are fully functioning
in their external and internal sources.
They are comfortable with/and open to
the full experience and expression of all

human emotions. Such people are vibrantly
alive in mind, heart, and will. There is an
instinctive fear in most of us, I think, to travel
with our engines at full throttle. We prefer, for
the sake of safety, to take life in small and
dainty doses."

I don't want to take little 'dainty doses' of life
do you? I like the 'full-throttle' way better,
don't you?

Have a great day!
Jeff Fuson

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