Sunday, August 01, 2004

Wind Dancers

Kite Boarding looks easy.
Wonder if it really is? Yesterday I got to watch a few really skilled Kite Boarders dance with the wind while a herd of 'wannabes' wondered and watched and tried to untangle enough lines to get one of the giant kites up off the sand.

It strikes me as a great picture of what it's like to dance with God. To dance with an invisible partner.

Some of the things that Kite Boarders do that make sense for those of us who would like to be 'wind dancers' as well -- people who dance on the winds of His spirit and make it look effortless and very, very cool.

Here's a few of the things that they do that makes sense to me.
1. They go where the wind is! -- watch for where God is moving and join Him there
2. They watch masters and take tips from them -- there was one dude who obviously 'got it' and the 'wind got him' too. He was an 'annointed' wind dancer. Several wannabes watched from the sand and took mental notes. It would do us well to choose a 'wind dancer' or two to learn from.
3. They untangle their lines before they get started. They've got to be able to 'feel' the movement of the wind through these strands that connect their harness to the kite. We'd do well to stop and untangle our lines so we can really 'feel' what God is up to.
4. They strap on a harness and clip in -- they get 'fully into the game' . There's no way that this 'wind dance' works unless you 'suit up and hook up and get fully in the harness'. God's wind blows, but we'll never catch it unless we are fully 'hooked up'. There comes a moment when we've got to 'commit all that we are to all that HE IS' if we're really gonna dance on the winds.
5. They wear a wet suit because the water is colder than all gee whiz. We need to understand the reality of where we're called to dance on the winds. God provides, but He gives us a brain, too. You may need to do some very common sense, practical things in order to prepare yourself for the dance. Things like getting enough rest, eating right, taking time to recharge your batteries, 'suiting up' in the full armour of God. You know, real practical stuff that will keep you dancing on the winds of His love.

Here's to being a better 'wind dancer'

Have a great one!
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