Wednesday, May 14, 2003

What do YOU Have to do?!

It's so cool to get to work with passionate people. On all sides of my life I have the chance to work with very cool, very fired-up people who have huge gifts. It's so amazing to me that there is absolutely no way to keep these people from expressing their gifts!

Drummers have got to drum--all the time! Strummers have to strum, crooners have got to croon, preacher's have got to preach, and leaders MUST lead. It's unstoppable. As sure as water runs down hill and the North Star is truly in the North, so must a gifted person express her/his gifts.

My assistant loves to cook. So, when I reminded her that we are having our planning session at our house tomorrow she asked immediately, 'Can I bring something?' Because I've been watching this 'gift thing' in people lately I was very aware that she was really asking because of that gift that has to be shared. She HAS to bring something (taco dip thingamajig) because her gift MUST be shared. She would feel very unfulfilled if she did not share her culinary gifts with us--and our meal wouldn't be nearly as good as it's gonna be if she didn't.

So, it's got me wondering, what gifts do I have that MUST be shared. What is scratching to get out of me...just has to be expressed?

This blog is part of it! I've got to share my journey with you, because God has put me in a position to be prolific and share in hopes that you are inspired to 'get in the game' and share your gifts with the world.

So, what is it in that HAS TO BE SHARED. What is bubbling up in you making you feel like you are about to boil over if it doesn't get released soon?
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SO, What do you HAVE to do?

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