Friday, June 04, 2004

The Sock Knocker

Ever met the Sock Knocker?

He's like Super Man on Steroids
Santa Claus Super Sized
He's the first and last word on everything
He's the Sock Knocker

Yeah, the one ready to knock the socks right off your hide every chance He gets

Some call Him Alpha, some call Him Omega
Some call Him Abba, some call Him Adonai
Some call Him Father, some call Him Our Gracious Heavenly Father

He's the pre-eminent one -- the one who was and is and is to come

He is the Great I AM

He is the deliverer of the oppressed Jewish slaves

He is the provider of the breath of life
He is the gatekeeper to the deepest mysteries of the universe
He alone is the one who knows where the wind is stored and how to turn on the wave machine

He's the one who tells the sun when to rise and when to fall
He's the one who orchestrates the tiniest movement in all the universe
He's bigger than the universe and yet interested in you and me

He loved me so much that he gave...
He loved you so much that he gave...

And, He loves us so much that He still gives...

That,s who He is -- The Giver of all that is good

He's the Sock Knocker -- ready to knock the socks right off those who will follow Him

He does it in different ways for different people at different times

For us right now, the Sock Knocker is clearing the path and providing far more lavishly for us than we could have ever dreamed -- not because we're good, but because he is in the dictionary as the #1 definition with a picture under 'good'

He is knockin the socks right off the Fuson family. We don't take it for granted and we just wanted to post a Huge Public Thank-You note to the Sock Knocker.

You may call Him God -- But, to me, He's the Sock Knocker

Wanna know more about the Sock Knocker? Check out this website.

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