Friday, May 23, 2003

Exploration is in your genes!

He's the cutest thing ever--my little boy Kaleb. He's got this fuzzy pumpkin colored hair and big blue eyes and a strong spirit of adventure boiling over within. He's only 9 months old and is enjoying the freedom of crawling and 'pulling up' because his knees carry him to exotic places like the fireplace or the tangle of wires under my computer or to my keyboard where he bangs happily like daddy! He was just pulling up on my leg--so cool to watch him do his thing.

God wired him for exploration and adventure--for conquest of the cabinets!

What did He wire you for?

It seems that He wired all of us with curious minds that naturally explore and learn when we feel safe enough to take the journey.

How's your 'sense of adventure'? How strong is your urge to 'explore'. Follow that urge and see where God takes you. It just may be a very cool place--like the fireplace or a tangle of wires under your computer--or someplace even better.

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