Sunday, August 28, 2005

When the storm comes...(and it will)

It's been called 'The Perfect Storm' and Katrina is bearing down on the Gulf Coast of the United States this evening. If the storm stays true to form and continues it's present track it will score a direct hit on the the city of New Orleans, in Louisiana, United States.

The major news agencies in the U.S., including Geraldo Rivera on Fox News, are covering this history maker with a fury that matches the wind speed of the impending storm. The images that were the most pregnant with meaning for me were the images of little children waiting with the mothers in a 2 Mile Long line outside of the Super Dome. The Super Dome was designed as a giant indoor football arena--not an emergency shelter. Tough to imagine that people will possibly be in that Superdome for days, if not weeks.

It appears that the city of New Orleans and the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) have prepared as well as possible for the unthinkable attack from a storm of this magnitude and that's impressive. But, for all the preparation, will it be enough?

It's a huge problem that New Orleans is situated below sea level and is surrounded on 3 sides with water that could overpower the levy system. If the media is right about what could happen and the water surges above the levies New Orleans could be buried in water for days, maybe weeks.

Two things that this news makes me want to do...
1. Pray like crazy. Especially for all the little children who will spend this nite and maybe many more in the Super Dome. Tough imagine what thier world may be like in the near future and tougher to imagine how they'll recover in any reasonable amount of time. Add to the children the old and frail and the remarkably poor who may be strapped to the low ground by their circumstances as the waters are being swept toward them this evening. Oh God, have mercy.

2. New Orleans has know that this could happen for years and for years she has dodged a direct hit. Many hope that this will be the case in a few hours and Katrina will make a turn and head a different direction at the last moment. When I consider the likely plight of New Orleans it makes me wonder what areas of my life are 'under sea level' that leave me and my family vulnerable to the Perfect Storm. It causes me to be even more aware of where I'm weak and need to be built up, where I may need to move to higher ground or at least build a higher and stronger wall. Considering this likely direct hit on New Orleans motivates me to get deadly serious about building up the places in my life that are 'under sea level. Oh God, grant me the motivation, the tools and the buddies it will take for me to move to higher ground before the Perfect Storm hits.

What aspects of your life are 'below sea level' ? What can you do to prepare before a 'Perfect Storm' takes aim at you.?

Pray for the folks in and around New Orleans,
Jeff Fuson

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