Monday, March 28, 2005

Getcher Clickety-Clack Back!

Clickety-Clack, Clickety-Clack, Clickety-Clack, Clickety, Clickety, Clickety,…

I don’t like to be anywhere near trains. They’re way too big, they can’t stop fast enough and I always wonder what would happen if it comes off the tracks and I’m too close.

However, I like to ‘hear trains on the tracks’ from a long way off…just the clickety-clack sound. In an odd way the clickety clack sound is peaceful to me. Maybe because I grew up near enough to train tracks to hear that a lot and it reassures me in some way.

Clickety-clack is what you hear when a train is in motion – when it’s got rhythm & momentum. When the train is starting or stopping it makes all kinds of grating and groaning & squealing noises that are almost scary if you happen to be the first car at the Railroad Crossing. Those are the sounds of ‘anti-rhythm & anti-momentum’ atwork.

In my Walk with Christ I like to hear the ‘clickety-clack’ of momentum. I like to feel the consistent pull of God up ahead pulling me along. I like to be settled in and have life be nice and consistent. Rhythm & Momentum are your friends when things are going well. They’re reassuring and they help you gather steam in your journey with Jesus.

Anti-rhythm and anti-momentum happen to me just when it seems like I’m zooming down the tracks of life enjoying the clickety-clack, clickety-clack…

Anti-momentum happens when I’ve got to break my pattern to go on a trip, or attend a conference out of town, or have friends over to watch a ball-game that goes on too late and I get to bed really late, or I’ve got too much to do and I try to cram it all into a late nite assault on a project and I’m all worn out the next day.

Anti-momentum can bring my clickety-clack momentum to a grinding, screeching halt. And, it can be painful to get my spiritual train moving again. I’ve got to endure the screeching and groaning as the Engine begins to pull out again – slowly at first. Almost painfully at first. Getting from zero back to clickety-clack takes energy and focus. It’s takes a recommitment.

In your spiritual journey there will be times & places of ‘anti-momentum’ that mess up the peaceful rhythm of your daily timewith God. Rather than be discouraged and depressed that you’ve gotto start again why not focus on Jesus? Why not refocus your life and reorganize (again) to make space to really have time with Him.

Momentum is fun, anti-momentum is not. Accepting the fact that some days will be ‘anti-momentum’ days will help you get back to clickety-clack a lot faster.

You may be reading this while your train is flying along just fine. That’s great! However, you may want to save this for a day when the train has been delayed by a trip out of town, or a vacation, or an illness, or too much work. When that day comes you’ll long for the ‘clickety-clack’ to come right on back. And, it will if you’ll let Him pull you out of this time of anti-momentum.

Refocus your attention on Jesus. Recommit to the journey with Him and hang on as God begins to move you along again and listen for that familiar sound…
Let’s consider Jesus, the originator and finisher of this set of tracks set up for us. He was the first to successfully complete the journey with God perfectly. He never lost momentum – lived a life of perfect rhythm-- and we still hear His train off in the distance with a perfect ‘clickety-clack’ rhythm. That’s what we long for. So, let us follow His example and stay on track. Let us submit to God’s will moment by moment until He pulls to a place of momentum and rhythm and we get the ‘clickety-clack’ back…

Have a great day,

Jeff Fuson

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