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Barriers to Destiny Fulfillment by Steve Moore

As the Leader Coach of Rising Leader I'm always looking for great resources to help Rising Leaders grow stronger. So, today, I'm passing notes along to you that I've made from a sermon by Steve Moore called 'Overcoming the Barriers to Destiny Fulfillment'. You'll get a ton out of these notes. Feel free to share them with others that you lead.

Jeff Galley and Steve Moore partnered to produce a great CD resource called 'Overcoming the Barriers to Destiny Fulfillment' aimed at helping you bust through the barriers that hold most Rising Leaders back.

Jeff Galley is the president of Nexlead (formerly Top Flight Leadership) and Steve Moore is a Leadership Coach / Consultant now serving at Growing Leaders with Tim Elmore. I'm grateful to Steve Moore for the great insights you'll discover in this Blog. You can pick up a copy of his book 'Leadership Insights' here.

Here are my notes from this powerful audio CD. (Yes, this is long blog, but you'll be glad you read to the end)

Destiny Defined: Your destiny is the sovereign purpose for which you have been created, that when fulfilled brings God the greatest glory, brings you the greatest joy, and most significantly,advances the Kingdom of God here on earth. Steve Moore

This is the Ultimate win-win. God gets maximum glory, you get maximum joy and the Kingdom of God is advanced!

Ephesians 2:10 God has a purpose for you and a mission for your life.

Destiny Formula = H + I + M = D
H= History -- your personal history / biography that gives you unique insights and connections.
I= Identity --your gifts, your passions
M= Ministry --the good works God designed you for
D= Destiny

Barriers to Destiny Fulfillment

Case Study on Zerubbabel
Based on : Ezra 1-6 and Haggai

Barrier # 1 The Information Barrier
This is the struggle to discover what we're here for.
Key Idea = God is 'for you' in this journey and God knows that you can't do what He wants you to do if you don't know what it is. He is not a street performer playing a shell game with your destiny. He gets no pleasure in hiding His agenda for your life from you.

Two great fears that young adults surveyed have about surrendering to God's will:
1. He'll make me marry someone I don't want to marry.
2. He'll make me choose a career path that I don't want to follow.

These fears come from a sick idea about God that He's into making us miserable. God is for you and if your heart is totally surrendered to God then the things you like to do are, in all probability, clues to what you're suppose to do.

Breaking through the Information Barrier:
Posture of Total Surrender as opposed to Negotiation
You're not trapped in a game show struggling to choose between 'door # 1' , 'door # 2' , etc There's nothing you can conjure up in your wildest imagination that will match the life journey that God already has mapped out for you.

If you're struggling with this, here's a commitment you need to make.
Grab a blank sheet of paper and write 'My Destiny Contract' then go all the way to the bottom and sign it, date it and leave everything else blank. Then present it to God and tell Him, Okay, God'I'm telling you in advance that as you show it to me, I'm gonna do it. The answer is 'Yes', now, 'What's the question.'

The key phrase for a breakthrough: 'God, whatever the question you ask my answer is Yes.

Barrier # 2 The Opposition Barrier
The tendency people have when opposition comes is to back away from the mission.

Ezra 4:1-5
verse 4 - 3 steps that the opposition almost always takes:
1. Discourage you
2. Make you Afraid
3. Frustrate God's plan

verse 4:24 The work came to a standstill for approximately 14 years. This is called the 'holding pattern' and it's a frustrating place to be be.

Don't be surprised by opposition -- Expect it! Otherwise you'll likely hit the holding pattern and waste day after day knowing you're not advancing down the path you're destined for.

Barrier # 3 The Distraction Barrier -- forgetting what we're really called to.
Haggai 1 An older mentor shows up for Zerubbabel
Haggai 1:4 Is it a time for you to be living in your panelled houses while this house remains in ruins? ... You put your money in pants with holes in the pockets. You don't have any satisfaction in life because there is nothing that you can substitute in your life that will replace the joy that comes from doing what God put you on this earth to do. You'll never be satisfied until you go back and embrace what you were put here for.
Zerubbabel embraced the counsel of Haggai and broke through both the Opposition and the Distraction Barrier.

Barrier # 4 The Comparison Barrier
The temple that Zerubbabel was rebuilding was being compared to the Temple of Solomon.
Yet, God speaks through Haggain in 2:6 that says the glory of Zerubbabel's work would exceed that of Solomons because this temple will host the 'hope of all nations' -- Jesus.
God sees things differently than we do. Nothing brings Him more glory than our accomplishment of His purpose for us.

Barrier # 5 The Accusation Barrier
Haggai 2:23 ...I will make you like my signet ring... A signet ring was a symbol of the King's authority. (Genesis 41:42 as example of the power of a signet ring) God is telling Zerubbabel that as he embraces God's design for his life that he would be backed by the power of God.
Why this is even more powerful than it first appears...Jeremiah 22 -- in this chapter Jeremiah is publicly rebuking Zerubbabel's grandfather king for his wickedness. Notice what Jeremiah says to Jehoiachin -- even if you were a signet ring on my right hand I would still pull you off. Imagine the weight on Zerubbabel because of the disgrace inherited from his grandfather. Now, imagine what it means to be reinstated as 'the signet ring on the right hand of God.'
Satan would like to keep us powerless because of 'skeletons' in our closet. But, God would like to treat us like a signet ring on His right hand to accomplish his work backed by His power.

If you'll cooperate with God He will work with you to break through these barriers to Destiny Fulfillment.

Thanks again to Steve Moore and Jeff Galley for putting this great resource together.

Have a great day,
Jeff Fuson

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p.p.p.p.s. Okay last one! Feel FREE to distribute this content as long as you pass it along in it's entirety with all links in place pointing to original urls. Give credit where credit is due and use this to build other people up. Thanks for playing and thanks for passing this along.
Jeff Fuson


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