Sunday, March 13, 2005

Do-odling your way to God

I sure Hope that you're successful in carving out a few minutes to be with God today.
I know it can seem a little weird to spend time with someone you cannot even see. I
find it helpful to 'doodle' during my time with God. I like to 'DO' stuff by writing, walking,
listening to great worship music, singing my prayers, imagining, running with a headset,
walking on the treadmill and reading the Bible.

Notice, that these are solo activities that don't require me
to think about doing them and leave my heart and brain freed up to be
in God's presence.

I take information in 'on the move' and, I get bored and distracted
easily. If you are anything at all like me then it's important to
embrace your weirdness and 'bring it under the control of Christ.'
Make your weirdness pay off by 'do-odling'. That is, find ways to
'do' your time with God.

If you're a great artist then draw or paint one of your favorite verses from
the Bible. If you're musical write a song. If you're a poet then do what
poets do. If you're into working out then capture that time and make it
HIS time as well by putting on some great Christian Music. If you're a
scholar then dig into some great free online materials (like the ones I'll
be passing along to you!). If you're a math wiz I have no clue of what
you can do-odle...maybe count up all the words in the Bible and divide
by the number of verses and see what the average length of a verse in
the Bible is. What I'm suggesting is that it's okay to be creative in your
time with God.

What I'm not saying is that you simply 'spread a little God' on some other
activity like you're spreading butter on your toast. He's the MAIN Course--
the MEAL--not the spread. So, to truly spending with God is to fix your
attention on Him. Now, tap into how you're wired and get creative with
adding a little spice to the Main meal. I just don't want you to think that
just having Christian music on while you're blow drying your hair counts
as 'time with God'. What counts as 'Time with God' in the THIRST Chal-
lenge is taking at least 15 minutes each day to focus on HIM. Be creative
YES. Creative 'do-odling' that helps you focus on him can keep things
interesting and exciting as you travel with Him.

Two interesting sites that will increase your 'do-odle factor':

First of all is a site that has a lot to say about Jesus and Biblical times.
It's loaded with cool images and background about Israel, Jewish customs,
the land where Jesus lived and more. Checkout their 'faith lessons' images--
just taking your time with these can make for a very inspiring time with God.
Head on over to

The second site I want you to check out is a music site. You can check out
upcoming releases by some of the hottest Christian artists. Click the 'Hear
It Now' link on this page: I believe that great music
can be a vital part of your time with God occasionally.

Take home message today...It's okay to spice up your time with God as long
as you're keeping HIM at the center of your time you're together. If you have to
think about what you're do-odling then you're gonna miss Him. So, choose to
spice up your time with Him with things that you can 'do-odle' without thinking
about doing them. You know, things you can do on 'autopilot'.

My hope is that your time with Him is rich and powerful because as you get to
know Him better you will automatically become more like Him. Here's what the
Bible says in II Corinthians 3:18 about what happens as you know Him better...
as the Spirit of the Lord works within us, we become more
and more like him and reflect his glory even more. (New Living Translation)

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series of emails designed to inform, inspire, and challenge you in your Godward journey.

Do-odle it,
Jeff Fuson

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p.p.p.p.s. Okay last one! Feel FREE to distribute this content as long as you pass it along in it's entirety with all links in place pointing to original urls. Give credit where credit is due and use this to build other people up. Thanks for playing and thanks for passing this along. Jeff Fuson


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