Friday, November 17, 2006

Finding God's Will

Many of us spend a lot of energy wondering about God's will for our lives. I would be included in that energetic quest especially these days as it seems that God may be moving me into some new arenas of service.

Dallas Willard has been a strong and impacting literary voice for me over the past year because of 'Renovation of the Heart' and his in depth work on discovering God's will called, 'Hearing God'.

Hearing God is not the easiest book that I've ever read--Willard's accurate theology forces us through a writing style grid that doesn't allow this to read like good fiction. But, the effort is worth it. If you're willing to mine his books and approach them with a learner's toolkit complete with Bible, ink pen & notepad (in my case, compuer) to 'respond' then you'll be rewarded with priceless theological gems and golden wisdom. The digging will not always be easy, but it will be productive.

This is MEAT for those who would tune thier lives toward following Christ into full union with God. I'd encourage you to dive into anything by Dallas Willard head first, and I especially encourage you to devour 'Hearing God' if you're striving to seek God's will for your life.

I anticipate that I'll mine 'Renovation of the Heart' and 'Hearing God' over and over for many years and still have plenty to learn after all that.

Have a great day,
Jeff Fuson

p.s. 'It is absolutely essential to the nature of our personal development toward maturity that we venture and be placed at risk, for only risk produces character. This truth is intensified when it comes to our walk with God.' Dallas Willard on page 210 of 'Hearing God'


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