Monday, December 12, 2005

Narnia Reviews by Albert Mohler and

Here are a couple of resources to help you think clearly about Narnia -- The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe -- the C.S. Lewis classic from the Chronicles of Narnia series released by Walt Disney and Walden Media on December 9, 2005 in over 3,000 theaters in the U.S.A.

Movie Review:
Plugged In Online

Here's a radio program by Albert Mohler where he reviews Narnia --
this gives you a lot to think about + it has some cools audio clips from Narnia to give you even more of a sense of what's going to happen. Hope you get a chance to listen to this.

Albert Mohler Radio Show

Written Comments from Mohler's radio program…

Take your kids.

Simply Spectacular.

The four kids are very good and they are not fake. They carry themselves off very well.

When you hear the words, ‘Aslan is on the move’ your pulse is gonna quicken.

It’s a very significant movie and I was afraid that it wouldn’t be true to the original work.

It’s gonna start a lot of conversations.

It’s alright to be moved by this story and to be moved the right way. To be moved by this allegory is really encouraging.

Anyone who says that this is a secular film either does not know what Christianity is or what ‘secular’ is.

I’m more moved by the allegory of Aslan at the stone table than the crucifiction. (This is a quote from a person other than A. Mohler and was just mentioned in the course of this program)

I found myself very emotionally moved at the Stone Table scene…Albert Moehler

This is not the end of the story…you really see the change in the Universe that takes place.

When you see the effects of sin as never ending winter with no Christmas contrasted against Aslan and the green of spring we get a deeper sense of the Gospel.

What a great thing to do with your family this Christmas season.

Albert Moehler

C.S. Lewis had only one concern about this being made into a movie and said, ‘Remember, Aslan is Jesus and there must be no trick.’

Just thought you'd like to read up and listen up,


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