Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Dallas Willard

I just started reading a great book by Dallas Willard called Renovation of the Heart and I've got to tell you that it's gonna be a huge book for me.

Like many leaders I've spent much of my life relying on natural talents and gifts to lead. As I've matured and as I've seen the team I lead grow significantly I've come to a place where I must continually expand on these gifts in order to lead a larger team to perform the work of Kingdom Advancement at an even higher level.

What I've encountered at times is what John Maxwell calls the Law of the Lid and I've been working and wondering for a couple of years how best to raise the lid so that our team can advance and I can continue to lead. Dallas Willard's 2002 Navpress title is feeding my spirit in a way that so many of the 'paint by numbers' leadership books simply can't and don't.

So, I'll keep you posted. But, so far this looks like it's gonna be a great time of advancement for me as I drill into this insightful narrative on allowing God to bring about a total transformation of me.

If you're reading this book or would like to talk about it further feel free to drop me a note.

Have a great day,
Jeff Fuson

(By the way, I'm under no illusion that God couldn't get this done without me and I count it a great honor to have the chance to lead at all in this great endeavor of advancing the Kingdom of God. So, please know that I understand that this is foremost a Holy Spirit empowered movement that could continue its wildfire like success without me.)

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p.p.p.p.s. Okay last one! Feel FREE to distribute this content as long as you pass it along in it's entirety with all links in place pointing to original urls. Give credit where credit is due and use this to build other people up. Thanks for playing and thanks for passing this along. Jeff Fuson


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