Saturday, September 18, 2004

God took me to the zoo

Alex was just 3 years old when his sister was born. The pastor of their church knew that this would be a big change for Alex so decided to take him on a trip to the zoo just after his new little sister was born. Not long after that special trip Alex was having a 'swinging' contest with his next door neigbor, Mitchell. As they competed to go higher and higher they rattled off how high they were going...I'm going as high as the tree. Well, I'm going as high as a kite. Well, I'm going as high as a plane. Well, I'm going as high as the sky. So, I'm going up to space. Well then, I'm going to the moon. So what, I'm going so high I can touch God.

To that Alex simply replied, 'Well, God already took me to the zoo.'

Amazing how kids see things isn't it? I love to hear cool things my kids say and I bet you do, too.

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