Tuesday, August 17, 2004

Creative Discontent -- A Sign of the Gift of Leadership

All leaders live with this thing. This desire to make whatever they're working on better, to tweak things that most would say that we 'should tweak not'. They walk into places that look great and wonder 'what if...we changed the color? made it brighter? made it darker? knocked down that wall? built a wall right here? If there's 1,000 people in attendance they wonder what it would take to bring 2,000. If it's going great they wonder what it would take to make it even greater. If it's really fast, well, you know what a leader wants to do...make it go really, REALLY FAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAST.

That's just how a leader is wired. They are wired to bring change. When a leader comes into a room they pack a load of 'creative discontent'. It's not that they don't like what's going on, it's just that they are wired to tweak and fiddle to make things better.

Young leaders are loaded with bags full of Creative Discontent. Sometimes they don't know where to dump these bags out or when and with whom and it creates chaos for the team and for the young leader. Sometimes it gets the young leader plowed under and 'traded' away to a new team. Or, worse yet, left for dead and wondering what truck ran over him.

So, if you're a rising leader anywhere you'll need these basic ideas about dealing with your bags of C.D. (Creative Discontent)...
1. Stay Solution Focused
2. Work on Team Based Decisions
3. Show strong commitment to the core direction of the team you're a part of.
4. Be willing to take the long view and be willing to work HARD with the team to bring about the new vision.
5. Refuse to operate like a terrorist. Terrorists usually take hostages of some sort and use threats and intimidation to try to get their way. Many young leaders assume that the way to lead is to bully. This may or may not go well for you as you may find yourself knocked from your pedestal by a much stronger leader.
6. Commit to the vector of the team you're a part of.
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